Goodwin College Educational Services Board

The general purpose of Goodwin College Educational Services, Inc. (GCES) is to promote quality public education and provide opportunities, support and services to children in Goodwin College’s community and the State of Connecticut.

GCES primary activities are pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-264l(a)(2)(D), to act on behalf of Goodwin College and its Trustees in matters related to magnet schools, and in that capacity, to apply for and receive grants from the CT State Department of Education for magnet schools on behalf of the College.

GCES will utilize its operating subsidiary, Goodwin College Magnet Schools, Inc., to manage the operations of the Goodwin College magnet schools.

2017 Regular Board Meeting Schedule: May 10 & Sept 6

Next scheduled GCES Board Meeting- Sept 6, 2017

Meeting- May 10, 2017

GCES Board Meeting Revised Agenda 5.10.17 

GCES Board Meeting DRAFT Meeting Minutes 5.10.17  

GCES Signed Resolution 17-01, Exhibit A, Attachment B

GCES Signed Resolution 17-02, Exhibit A, Attachment B

GCES Resolution 17-03 2017-18 Line of Credit

Meeting- September 7, 2016

  GCES Board Meeting Agenda September.7.16

  GCES Board Meeting FINAL Minutes 9.7.16

  GCES Resolution-16-4


  GCES Resolution 16-6

Meeting- May 11, 2016

GCES Board Meeting Agenda May.11.16

GCES Board Meeting Approved Minutes

        GCES Resolution-16-1

GCES Resolution-16-2

GCES Resolution-16-3

Exhibit A budgets

Meeting – November 11, 2015

GCES Board Meeting Agenda November.11.15

Notice of Special Meeting for Organizational Purposes GCES 11-11-15

GCES Board Meeting Approved Minutes 11.11.15

GCES Resolution 15-01

GCES-Resolution 15-02


Goodwin College Magnet School Board

The general purpose of Goodwin College Magnet Schools, Inc (GCMS) is to support and promote quality public education.  GCMS primary activities are to operate and manage Goodwin College’s magnet schools:  CT River Academy, Senior Academy, and Riverside Magnet School.

GCMS is responsible for the day to day operations of Goodwin College’s magnet schools and will engage the appropriate resources and contracted services which are necessary to operate the magnet schools.  GCMS is a direct subsidiary of Goodwin College Educational Services, Inc.

The Goodwin College Magnet School, Inc. Board will be engaged in

  • Providing expertise in operating and managing magnet school programs and serve as a resource for other schools, starting new programs,

  • Strategic planning for all of Goodwin’s magnet school activities,
  • Collaborating with state and local school districts and boards of education on issues concerning magnet schools.

2017 Board Regular Meeting Schedule

February 8th, April 19th, June 21st & September 20th

Meeting- June 21st, 2017 – Cancelled.  Meeting will be rescheduled, date TBD

Special Meeting- May 10th, 2017

GCMS Board Special Meeting Agenda 5.10.17

GCMS Special Meeting Minutes DRAFT 5-10-17

Signed Resolution GCMS 17-03 Line of Credit Loan

Special Meeting- April 20th, 2017

GCMS Board Meeting Agenda  4.20.2017

GCMS Board Meeting Draft Minutes 4.20.17

Signed Resolution GCMS 17-01

Signed Resolution GCMS 17-02

Attachment A Exhibit

Meeting – April 19th, 2017 – Cancelled. 

Meeting- February 8, 2017

Agenda for GCMS Board 2.8.2017

GCMS Board Meeting Approved Minutes 2.8.2017


Meeting- September 28, 2016

GCMS-Agenda Sept.28.16

GCMS Board Meeting Approved Minutes 9.28.16




Meeting- June 22, 2016 – Cancelled

Meeting- April 20, 2016

GCMS Board Meeting Agenda April.20.16

GCMS Board Meeting Approved Minutes  4.20.2016






Meeting- February 10, 2016

GCMS Board Meeting Agenda 2.10.16

GCMS Board Meeting Approved Minutes

Meeting – November 18, 2015

GCMS Board Meeting Agenda 11.18.15

Notice of Special Meeting for Organizational Purposes GCMS 11.18.15


GCMS Board Meeting Approved Minutes