Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College Preschool Tuition Policies/Procedures  SY 2019-20

Per CT General Statutes, families of enrolled preschool students at Riverside Magnet School (RMS), whose gross annual household income is above 75% of the state median income, will be required to pay an annual tuition fee. Tuition for preschool students will be determined annually and cannot exceed $4,053 per child.

RMS has set the tuition fee for the SY19-20 at $4,000 for the first preschool student and $500 for the first preschool sibling. Families will not be charged more than $4,500 for preschool tuition for the 2019-20 School year.

Families whose income is at or below 75% of the state median income will not be required to pay tuition but must still complete our income survey. This form is required by the State Department of Education in order for RMS to receive State grant funding for our preschool programs.

Determination of Tuition

Determination of a family’s tuition will include following steps:

  • All parents/caregivers of preschool-aged children attending Riverside Magnet School (RMS) will be required to complete and sign an income survey as part of their registration package.
  • Information reported in the income survey will be used to make a determination regarding tuition.
  • A copy of your most recent income tax return will be required to accompany your income survey for any family indicating their income falls at or below 75% of the State Median Income in order to receive tuition payment waiver.
  • RMS administration will make a final determination regarding tuition waivers once the 2019 SMI income guidelines are released. If any adjustments are required, the school will contact you.
  • Families required to pay tuition will receive information regarding their responsibilities and the tuition bill the first week of August.
  • The first tuition payment must be received by August 20th, 2019 in order for a child to attend RMS.

Please note: Verifying documents will only be used to confirm if a family is eligible for a tuition waiver. The information will remain confidential and we will return documents upon verification.  We will NOT grant a tuition waiver to any family that cannot provide supporting income verification and they will be responsible for the tuition set forth above.

Calculation of Tuition

The annual tuition for one preschool student is $4,000 for the SY19-20.  For families with more than one preschool child attending RMS, the annual tuition fee is $4500 for the family for the year.

The monthly tuition cost remains the same throughout the year (from Aug- May), including the weeks during which there are school closures and early dismissals.  A tuition reduction or credit will not be issued for days when a child is absent from school and/or days missed due to vacation, inclement weather, or any other emergency. The annual tuition amount of $4,000 is divided over the 10 month period to simplify the payment processing ($400/month).  

Payment of Tuition

Tuition payment is due and must be received on or before the 20th of each month.

For families paying for more than one preschool student, you must provide separate payments for each child for accounting purposes.

There will be a $25 late fee assessed for all payments received after the 20th of each month.

If tuition payment is more than 60 days past due, the student will be at risk of being released from our school.

Payments may be made by check, money order, or preferably through our online credit card payment system. Tuition may be paid in full at any time during the year if preferred.  

Families will also receive a monthly statement the first week of each month with prior month activity.  Please note that any payment received after the 20th of the month may not be reflected in the monthly activity statement.  

Payment Options:

We highly encourage families to use our secure online payment system in order to expedite the process and help eliminate any errors or timing issues that may arise with other forms of payment. There is no additional user fee to pay online.  

To pay online: go to   


At the top of the page hover over the “About Us” Tab and a drop down box will appear

Click on “Preschool Student Tuition” Tab and an information page will appear  

Click on make prek payment button at the bottom of the information page to make payment

In the description box on the order information page, enter the students name for whom you are making payment

Complete all required fields and hit enter when finished

You will receive an email confirming your transaction and this will serve as your receipt


If paying by check or money order:

Payments should be mailed to:

Riverside Magnet School

Attn: Preschool Department

29 Willowbrook Drive

East Hartford, CT 06118

In the memo please include:  Prek Tuition for “student’s name”

Must be postmarked no later than the 20th of the month or a late fee will be assessed.


If dropping of at school:

Check or money order must be in sealed envelope with the child’s name and “PREK Tuition” printed clearly on the outside of the envelope and in the memo section of check and deposited in the labeled drop box in the main office.  There will be a $25 charge for all checks returned to us for insufficient funds. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, all future payments must be made by money order, or credit card ONLY.



If a parent/caregiver decides to withdraw their child from Riverside Magnet School, a minimum of two weeks written notice is required. Written notice should be sent to Riverside Magnet School, Attn: Lisa Czaja, 29 Willowbrook Road, East Hartford, CT 06118. If a two week written notice is not given to the school, parents/caregivers will be responsible to pay tuition for that month.