Meet Riverside Magnet School Principal Jasdeep Singh

riverside magnet school principal Jasdeep Singh

Dr. Singh is an educator with experience at all levels. He has been a principal at Wolcott Elementary School, an Assistant Principal at Hall High School, and a middle school science teacher at Sedgwick Middle School all in West Hartford as well as an adjunct professor at University of Hartford in their teacher preparation program. A talented leader and visionary, Singh is enthusiastic about building relationships with students, families, and teachers to help foster student success. He believes in empowering children to learn in ways that work best for them and is committed to developing a passion for lifelong learning through individualized study and active family involvement — both in the classroom and at home. His holistic approach to early childhood education at RMS encourages students and their families to become engaged and empowered members of society.

A message from Dr. Singh:

“Riverside Magnet School is a Reggio Emilia inspired elementary school that believes that all children are competent learners capable of great success when challenged within a nurturing environment built upon genuine relationships. We promote the process of learning through reflective planning, intentional instruction, and authentic assignments and documentation assessment to support children’s holistic growth.

Beginning with PK3 and our NAEYC accredited early childhood program, Riverside’s learners are guided through a rigorous curriculum of study that focuses on building critical social-emotional and academic skills through grade five. Using inquiry projects, purposeful play, collaborative work, emotional intelligence skills, and the essential visual, musical, and physical education classes, Riverside’s students are encouraged to own their choices and their learning.

Our families are valued as children’s first teachers and are supported in being active and engaged co-responsible partners in the learning process. We also work closely with Goodwin College and LEARN, our organizational partners, to bring innovation and resources to our beautiful building. As a close knit magnet school community that proudly serves over 40 towns, diversity in all of its forms is represented and valued as part of our philosophy in helping children take care of themselves, one another, and the environment.”

With warmest regards, 
Jasdeep Singh, Principal