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RMS is proud to host a Food Corp Service Member! 


Scrolled down to see our school garden! 


What is FoodCorps?

FoodCorps is a national organization that partners with school communities to create healthy school food environments so that kids know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it everyday. We work to transform students’ experience with food in schools in three key areas: hands-on learning, healthy school meals, and a school wide culture of health.



Meet our FoodCorps Service Member!

Annalise Kieley serves at Riverside Magnet School and Connecticut River Academy. A recent graduate from the University of Connecticut, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. While at UConn she began farming on a small 1-acre organic farm, where she began learning about the connections between caring for our land, ourselves, and our communities. Now through FoodCorps, she’s sharing her love of veggies with the RMS community.

This year at RMS, Annalise has focused on teaching hands-on cooking, gardening, and nutrition lessons regularly in several classrooms at 29, as well as during Studio. She has also worked with SLA to improve breakfast and lunch offerings, and to locally source some of our fruits and vegetables.






We Build a Garden!!

With the help of RMS Staff and Parents, Annalise made our dream of having a school garden come true. 


Several months back, we were awarded $2,000 through the Whole Kids Foundation School Gardening Grant to build and sustain a garden for our school. Saturday morning, April 22, our FoodCorps Service Member, parents, teachers, and community members gathered together to construct two school garden beds.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be celebrating our garden in several ways. We will have a school-wide planting day, where each student will have the chance to plant a seed in our garden. Additionally, our older students will help us design and create signs and stepping stones for our garden.

Our school garden will provide our students from urban communities who have little exposure to gardens and farm-to-table programs a hands-on space to grow and eat their own food while engaging in the inquiry process. The garden will be an invaluable teaching tool that will inspire curiosity and excitement about the natural world in our learners, and we’re excited to be building one here at Riverside!


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