Riverside Magnet School

at Goodwin College

(Formerly Early Childhood Magnet School)


We are excited to invite you to our first vocal concert!

Goodwin College has graciously agreed to help us put on a whole school concert. We will be holding the concert on Goodwin’s main campus under a large tent after their graduation.

Every child will get the chance to be on stage by grade-level and perform. All children will need to stay for the entire concert because the last song will be a community finale!

Date: Saturday, June 3
Concert: 4:30pm – 5:45pm (Tent opens at 3:00pm)

Please note that we are planning to have over 1,500 people at this concert, so arrival and dismissal will take time. We will have chaperones and Goodwin security on hand throughout the event.

Details will be sent out in a few weeks.

Thank you for your support of our school and programs!



1st Annual Field Day 2017

June 7th


Coffee House!!

Will return in the Fall 2017

Chit Chat, This and That and grab a cup of joe! 

~This months feature:









This message is sent on behalf of Rich Vibberts, Director of Campus Safety and Security.


Construction work at the Willow Street/Riverside Drive intersection, which includes the Route 2 East Exit 5 off-ramp and West on-ramp, is expected to continue into September. This may affect campus access to Goodwin College students and employees and parents of Connecticut River Academy (CTRA) and Riverside Magnet School (RMS). Following are tips for navigating the neighborhood. Access may change daily depending on the construction. Use these general guidelines, but watch for on-site signage with specific instructions. The construction company will attempt to time setting up detours after 8 a.m. and removing them by 3 p.m. each day. This should help with school buses and parents transporting students to and from CTRA and RMS.


Morning Detour – If Riverside Drive is closed coming off Route 2 East

1)   Turn left off exit and proceed to light. Turn right on Main Street.

2)   Go to second traffic light; turn right onto Ensign Street.

3)   Proceed down Ensign Street.

Turn left onto Willowbrook for RMS (pre-K to grade 1).

Turn left on Riverside Drive for RMS (grades 2 & 3) and Goodwin College.

Turn right onto Riverside Drive for CTRA.


Evening Detour – If Riverside Drive is closed to access Route 2 West

1)   Turn onto Ensign Street.

2)   Proceed to Main Street and turn left.

3)   Go to second traffic light and turn left onto Willow Street.

4)   Proceed on Willow; entrance to Route 2 West is on right.



Snow Days:  Due to hazardous road conditions, school may be cancelled.  RMSGC (Formerly GCECMS) will use the automated notification system to let you know when there is a school cancellation, delayed opening or early closing whenever possible.  For this reason, it is very important for the school to have your most recent contact information at all times.  In addition you can listen to the following radio stations for cancellation information (given as early as 6:00am) WFSB-TV (Channel 3); WTNH-TV (Channel 8); FOX News; WVIT-TV (Channel 30).

Late Openings:  Whenever we have a delayed opening, school starting time is based upon road conditions and your local district.  Listen to your local radio stations and/or television stations to obtain this information.  For example, a one and a half-hour delay means school would begin at 9:15am and the morning bus stop time would become an hour and half-hour later, as well.

Early Closing:  When there is a weather related early dismissal, school messenger will alert families about dismissal time.   Studio will be cancelled.  The school has early dismissal every Friday as well as some additional days throughout the school year.  During December and March there are parent/teacher conferences and students will be dismissed early for the week.

***You may elect to receive text messages from the following TV Stations (WFSB, FOX CT, NBC, and WTNH).  To do this, you must log into the TV stations website and select “closings and delays” and then sign up for text alerts.  Search through the list of school names and select “Riverside Magnet School, Goodwin College (Formerly Early Childhood Magnet School, Goodwin College)”***

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