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Newsletter April 2017


Newsletter March 2017


Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College

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Jasdeep Singh, Ed.D. Tonja Kelly

Principal Assistant Principal


Dear Riverside,

The 100th day of school has come and gone, and the celebrations were a lot of fun to see! Within those days, our students have had successes, challenges, good days, bad days, and everything in between. Our goal here is to help every child take at least “one step” every day and I hope we all appreciate how far our children have “walked” this year already!

This year has also been one of many steps for adults as well. Last week, we had over 110 families attend our Community Night! With a school that is blessed to have children from 41 different towns in our classrooms, our sense of community is only as strong as our connection to one another through our common bond: supporting the growth of all children at Riverside. Seeing so many parents learning with and from their children last night showed just how dedicated our community is to that purpose. Our Riverside Community Council has initiated that purpose in taking its first steps into advocacy and collaboration for our school. Overall, the goal is to support parent engagement and family learning, and I look forward to working with each and every parent on ensuring Riverside is the perfect place for each and every child.

In the coming month, we have so many important, and fun things on the calendar! On Wednesday, March 1st, our Eagles (our new mascot!!!!) will be walking to CTRA to work on a mural with our high school partner Eagles in an “Eagles Helping Eagles” project. With almost 900 students and 150 staff coming together to define our mascot, learn from one another, and build an eagle together, feather by feather, it will be a memorable time!

The next day, Thursday, March 2nd is ‘Read across America’, a day to commemorate the life and work of Dr. Seuss on his birthday. All day, children will be engaged in literacy activities to celebrate the importance and fun of reading. From decorating their classroom doors to listening to guest readers, books and stories will come alive throughout Riverside.

On March 29th-30th, Living Rhythms, an African drumming program, will be returning to Riverside! Children will have classes with the drummers and interact with the culture, instruments, and language of Ghana. The musicians will also be holding a one-night interactive performance on Wednesday, March 29 in Goodwin College’s auditorium. This program was a big hit last year and we are so happy to have them back!

I hope you are all as proud of our children and our school as we are!


Jasdeep Singh




Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin College

29 Willowbrook Road

East Hartford, CT 06118

Phone (860) 709-6800 / Fax (860) 904-9637


Jasdeep Singh, Ed.D.                                                                                                         Tonja Kelly

Principal                                                                                                                            Assistant Principal


Dear Riverside Families,

October is always an amazing month in a school. The newness of the year has been replaced with newfound expectations for growth as we begin to better understand one another. We set goals for our students and ourselves, reflect upon our experiences and assignments, and learn important skills and content. Overall, it is easy to feel a determination and spirit in the air to really put things in place to set our students up for success.

Creating plans to support the “whole” child takes a lot of energy and care. Helping kids with anything from reading or math to navigating social-emotional changes and relationship challenges takes a comprehensive approach. With the support of our entire staff and community, we utilize not just one-on-one and classroom-supports, but also bring our collective efforts to bear on what’s best for kids.

-Professional development about reading and math
-Magnet theme and Reggio Emilia integration into our curriculum
-Student support teams begin meeting to review the accomplishments and challenges of every student
-Teacher and principal professional goal setting meetings
-School development planning
-FCC meetings (next on 10/20/16)

These “bigger” pieces are in addition to the everyday work we engage in with kids, families, and as a faculty. To continue to improve, we value suggestions, questions, and ideas from our community. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us to engage in a conversation about how we can all make Riverside a better and more positive place for kids.

We are also happy to announce that the overall plan for the renovation of the old Willowbrook School has been finalized. The boards showing how it will encompass grades 3-5, an art room, a music room, a library, cafeteria/gym, and walkway to connect to our current building are on display at our building at 167 Riverside this week. They will be moved to 29 Willowbrook next week. As we plan for our future programming and school goals, we are seeking to learn more about what our families think about our school and are looking for in the future at Family Community Council Meetings and in focus groups throughout the year. Your input and perspectives are important to us in order to best help support all of your children!

As my wife and I expect our first child, a boy, on October 18, it makes me think even more about what children need and deserve in a school. It should be a place that cares for each child and works creatively and collectively to support all learners. Riverside is just the kind of place because of everyone’s continued dedication!

I will be out for about two weeks in the middle of October for paternity leave but look forward to coming back tired but happy!

Dr. Singh