How to Apply to the Riverside Magnet School

Acceptance into our magnet school is determined through a random lottery process conducted by the State Regional School Choice Office.   The lottery application period is now closed for the coming 2017-18 school year.  Registration will open sometime in October, 2017 for the SY 2018-19. Visit for more information.

Information on Lottery Results for the coming SY 17-18:

How will I know if my student has been selected for placement in a school or program through the RSCO lottery?
RSCO will contact you directly when the initial round of the lottery is conducted. After the initial round, RSCO will contact you if your child receives an offer of placement. 

Round 1 of the RSCO lottery ran on Friday May 5th, 2017. The RSCO office has communicated with all applicants as to their standing after the first round.  If you applied on-time online through the RSCO website and have not received notification please call the RSCO office at 860-713-6990.

If my student is offered a placement through the RSCO lottery, what do I then need to do?
If your student is offered a placement, you must either accept or decline the placement offer online with RSCO at  by May 18th, 11:59pm, 2017.

What happens if I do not respond to RSCO by the specified deadline date?
If RSCO does not receive your response by May 18th, 11:59pm, 2017, RSCO will assume that you do not want the placement opportunity and RSCO will offer that seat to another student.

Is it possible for my student to receive placement in more than one magnet school?
No, your student can only be placed in one of the magnet schools that you selected on your application. Once a placement is offered, your student will be removed from all other magnet school and Open Choice waitlists.

If my student is placed in a magnet school other than her/his first choice, can s/he be placed on the waitlist for that first choice?
No, once a magnet school placement is offered, your student will be removed from all other waitlists.

When an applicant applies to both Open Choice and magnet school(s), what happens when the applicant receives a placement offer?
If a student applied to Open Choice and a magnet school(s) and receives a placement offer in either program, s/he will be removed from all other magnet school and Open Choice waitlists and will not receive another placement offer during that lottery cycle.

If my student is on a waitlist, should s/he be registered in her/his local public school district?
Yes, students should register and attend their district school until they receive a placement letter/offer. In some cases, students may be placed in a RSCO magnet school or Open Choice after the school year begins.

What happens if my student is not selected for placement through the RSCO lottery?
If your student is not selected for placement through the RSCO lottery, then she/he will be placed on a waitlist for each school or program choice. In order to confirm your student’s waitlist position, you must respond online with RSCO by the specified deadline.

RSCO waitlist positions do not carry over from previous lotteries.  Those who wish to participate in subsequent lotteries must submit a new application for each child.

Why is it important for me to confirm my student’s waitlist position(s)? By doing so, you preserve the opportunity to have your student placed in a school or program that you selected, if a seat becomes available and your student is next on the waitlist.

Waitlist information also guides RSCO’s future planning and program expansion to increase school choice opportunities.

Please Visit, call our Parent Information Center 860.713.6990 or  send  an email to for more information.


2017 Post Lottery Acceptance: 

To accept or decline your placement offer please visit Next log-in to the RSCO’s online system with the User ID and Password you created to submit your lottery application. Next you will be given the option to accept or decline your placement offer. You MUST accept your spot online to continue the registration process with us within a certain period of time or you will forfeit your seat.

The deadline for Round 1 of the SY 2017-18 Lottery is May 18th, 11:59 pm, 2017.

We will be hosting a number of registration sessions. Someone will be calling you to schedule your visit with us.  If you have not yet received a call from the school, feel free to call the main office at (860) 709-6800 to schedule an appointment.

Please note that all paperwork must be completed and returned to the school by May 30th or you will risk forfeiting your child’s seat at Riverside Magnet School.